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            Take diversified product development as the core, Gospower dedicates to the R&D of electrical and electronic power, magnetron drive power, energy-saving power, telecom power. Now the products are hot seller in domestic and overseas market.


            Telecom Power System

            Product Features:

            1.  Independent technology platform
            2. LLC synchronize rectifier technology.
            3. High efficiency , high reliability
            4. High-power density, small in size.

            Application Field: Digital communication device, electricity communication, telecom base station equipment.


            POE Power System 

            Product Features :

            1. Apply to 100M/1000M network
            2. Passed all the safety regulatory , EMC certificate
            3. Durable and long time working life
            4. 12W / 24W / 60W receptacle, desktop series

            Application Field:  Widely used in Ethernet power.

            Green Power: Magnetron drive power

            Product Features :

            1. Many patent certificate
            2. Microwave power step-less adjustment
            3. Separate control of filament and high power
            4. Digital control, communication interface 

            Application Field:  Industrial microwave heat treatment , Microwave ultraviolet use, environmental protection field MWTD and Air disinfection treatment.

            Energy-saving power: Energy bi-directional converter

            Product Features:

            1. Single set of hardware plus self-retracting digital control model
            2. High frequency separation, Full digital control technology
            3. lslanding protection technology
            4. Small size , high power and efficiency

             Application Field:New energy resources automobile production field,  chargeable battery production filed, especially apply to the energy-saving and technology upgrade.


            Power instrument power supply 

            Product Features :

            1. 50V~500V Ultra wide input voltage range
            2. Input over voltage protection
            3. High anti-resistance capability
            4. High reliability  
            Application Field:  Electric power meter reading system; Electric power meter reading system, intelligent electric meter, power monitoring


            Power Adapter

            Product Features:

            1. Accord with 5 level energy efficiency standards
            2. Have passed all the safety regulatory , EMC certificate
            3. Primary side feedback control technology
            4. 5W~60W receptacle, desktop series 

             Application Field: Small communication terminal, MID, crystal display, small portable electronic devices, laptop, audition call, security, digital product, instrument meter.